Inventory Management Softwares

Sai-Kia IMS allows you to

  • Manage all your products in one place
  • Manage all your quotes and purchase orders
  • Manage stocks, warehouses, currencies, taxes and price list in one place

ERP Software Solution

ERP ( Enterprise Resouce Planning) Software helps in formulating systematic management solutions of various resources of a particular organzation. Sai-Kia ERP software helps in maximum financial and organzational stability generation. Sai-Kia ERP is a compact and comprehensive ERP solution for multiple sales location, distribution & manufacturing business to manage their entire down stream supply chains. 

Mobile App Development

At Sai-Kia we develop hundreds of app for your mobile for different applications  

  • App for Online Store
  • App for Class Room
  • App for Gym
  • App for Health Check

E-Commerce Software

Sai-Kia e-commerce software help you in the following ways 

  • Fully customize your online store
  • Add new sales channel in seconds
  • Manage unlimited products and inventory
  • Full fill orders in a single step
  • Track sales and growth trends.

Smart Ticketing

  • Days of paper tickets or smart cards are gone now you need not to carry tickets or smart cards. Your phone is your ticket. A SMS carrying the seat number and ticket number is enough.
  • Ticket Collector would punch the ticket number in his mobile and verify your ticket along with your ID (Identity Proof)
  • Much easy punch the ticket number at the screen on the coach door and your ticket is verified.

Traffic Management Software

  • Traffic management software enables centralized manning of traffic lights at junctions. Manning is automated and logical based on traffic volume

Fleet Management Software

  • It is very difficult for the transporters to locate their trucks or buses each and every time. Without accurate locations and travel timings, management of the fleet is almost impossible.
  • FMS accurately locates the trucks or buses through GPS and the software predicts the delivery time in real time.
  • FMS also allocates the routes and loads to the trucks and buses as per transporter needs

Video Management Software

  • CCTVs are a must nowadays and there are varieties of CCTV cameras in the market. But there always arises a problem of integration of variety of cameras in a single feed.
  • Sai-Kia VMS allows a seamless integration of various types of cameras whether it is PTZ type, Dome type or simple bullet cameras.
  • Sai-Kia VMS also features face recognition and number plate reading.

Smart Metering

  • Gone are the days when utility companies need meter reader to read your meter and prepare your monthly bill of electricity or water or gas.
  • Now our Smart metering allows the utility companies to automatically read your meter and prepare the bill and even send to you on your email or mobile.
  • You can also check your meter reading sitting in your office or at home on your computer or mobile.